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Stunning Photography

with great attention to detail, capturing natural moments of love and joy. You can see our skill for fashion photography shining through in the portraiture.


Tailor Your Experience

 to suit your uniqueness and personality as a couple.


Wedding Albums

handmade in Italy. Each page thoughtfully designed, so you can always treasure the moments captured.

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A flair for capturing natural, interactive moments

I have been fortunate enough to photograph wonderful Weddings in the UK, Channel Islands and France.

I am a Professional Photographer, shooting a variety of Press, portrait, corporate and Wedding work.

I look forward to hearing all about your upcoming wedding! Please get in contact here.


'Working with Rosie was lovely, from start to finish. I highly recommend her as a professional, creative and compassionate photographer. Thanks, Rosie!!'  Jenny

How I work is to step back, and let the day naturally unfold. This method also allows me to just remain inconspicuous, and photograph those lovely moments of people interacting; you should just forget I am there - clients have likened me to a ‘ninja!’ I work hard throughout the day to make sure that every guest is photographed at least once. When I photograph, I tend to photograph from further away so you can see the environment, so each photo is in context and always evokes the scene. I also continually take scene setting shots and pared back details throughout the day, so a strong narrative can be told in your Album, and those reception details can be captured!


Each photo is thoughtfully composed.I always provide beautiful Panoramic photos so you’ve got a variety of sizes to choose from for your wall art! I also provide every photo in colour, and some photos will also be in black and white which are edited to a very high standard. I only use natural light but do use flash in the evenings if needed.

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